So – the day begins with magic.. Here I have ID’d the strange little plant who popped up in my garden beside the other pink and purply ones I put there on purpose (lavender, prunella, lemon thyme). This is Stachys officinalis, or Wood Betony. Just like Motherwort, which evaded me for years, I just woke […]

I have been away a  long time, working on the dog-site, with clients and on my Intro to Animal herbalism course. It’s been a strange and lengthy winter too, with spring only now starting to show her face, more in the arrival of all our beloved birds, than in plants quite yet. I did see […]

In response to queries from my students, as well as members of various groups I frequent, today I am starting a series on that all-important foundation of the herbalist’s toolkit; understanding herbal actions.  A few entries back I discussed the difference between using herbs in a home-remedy kind of fashion – perfectly good and wonderful […] the time of rest and renewal passes, I find myself already stretched too thin. This will be a year of changes. For now, I need to keep up here… So, rather than put off my entries, because it’s dinnertime and I am rushing about! here is what I have discovered since the last entry. […]

Right now I am revelling in solitude and rest. So this will be a quick one, I have a sofa to get back to. Day before yesterday, December 29, corresponds to April of 2014, and I spent the day feeling ill. It was somewhat self-induced, as I allowed myself to become pulled into one of […]

Yesterday was the third day of my Omen-alert, and I did get out, well out, into the bush yesterday. I have not walked my beloved  Danny as much usual recently; yesterday was mostly for him, but also, of course, for me – as I am looking…opening to…whatever March’s message may be. Walking that line between […]

I know, I know, I am always going on about “containment” and being careful with too much disclosure and so on. All this sharing doesn’t negate any of that. I simply want to show that augury is NOT superstition, much as it may appear to be so –  and that looking deeply into the holy […]


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